UCalgary eLearning Discovery Working Group report on LMS engagement

What a consultant-ish title. Anyway. The working group I've been chairing since last summer (it even has its own tag here on my blog) has been doing a bunch of stuff (i.e., "engagements") to talk to people on campus (i.e., "stakeholders") to find out what they need from eLearning in general and in an LMS specifically (i.e., "high level needs documentation").

The first report, focusing on documenting the LMS engagement itself (surveys, focus groups, vendor demos, etc...) is now final, and has been published to the website. There will be 2 additional reports published before September - the first will update our documentation of stuff we do on campus to facilitate and support eLearning (i.e., "eLearning Inventory"), and the second will try to crunch through the data, mush it into the community's needs and hopefully make some sense out of it all (i.e., "eLearning technology analysis"). Another group, spun out of the General Faculties Council, will be working on an eLearning strategy for the University, and we'll be feeding our reports to them to help inform the process.

Anway, again. The report.


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