the one where my son chats with an astronaut. in space.

Commander Chris Hadfield is in space, orbiting earth in the International Space Station. Today, he did an AMA on Reddit. You know. As astronauts who are IN SPACE tend to do. So, we gave it a shot, and Evan asked a question:

My 10yo son asks:
"Do you need special computers to work up there?"
also, he was very impressed with the night photo of Calgary you posted - we could see our house :-)

a few minutes later, this happens:

We have special computers that run the spaceship, yes, but they are based on normal Earth computers. To AMA I am just using a regular laptop. It's the connection that is like magic.

And Evan responds:

Thanks for answering! Have fun in space!

a 10 year old kid. asking a question of an astronaut, who is in space at the time, and he gets a response in just a few minutes. Holy crap I love science. And awesome people.

conversation with an astronaut

We've been following the photos and tweets that Commander Hadfield has been posting from the International Space Station. It's been completely inspirational, to be able to follow along as he shares the incredible sights from orbit. And little things, like chatting with Captain Kirk. And answering questions from 10 year old boys. Holy awesome.

Thanks, Commander Hadfield! You rock!

Have fun in space!


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