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I was talking with a prof yesterday, about how our CIO has an IMDB page1 . We both thought that was pretty cool. Afterward, I was thinking about IMDB and how non-film people don’t have a similar common CV/project/collaboration/history listing. I mentioned this on twitter, and Boris nudged me that, yes, we actually do have that. It’s LinkedIn.

@dlnorman you’re going to hate me for saying this, but @linkedin does fit the bill. Also check out @gklist & @zerply

— Boris Mann (@bmann) May 25, 2013

I’ve always felt… dirty, using LinkedIn. It feels a bit like an act of desperation, trying to build business connections to people to find jobs. I feel icky updating my LinkedIn profile, and adding contacts etc…

But, looking at it as just “IMDB for non-film folks,” it makes a bit more sense. So, I spun up my LinkedIn account and fed it my contacts. Which, in hindsight, included my boss. And his boss2. Oops.

No, there’s nothing dramatic behind the LinkedIn reactivation. I’m not planning on leaving the UofC. I’m not building a life raft in case things go south. Just trying it again, to see if a different context makes it feel any less slimy.3

  1. it’s really just a stub, with one project listed from 1999. But still, that’s pretty cool, for a CIO… ↩︎

  2. ironically, the same CIO whose IMDB profile started this whole train of thought… ↩︎

  3. so far, not much. still feel like I need to take a shower after spamming my contacts. sorry about the spam. seriously. ↩︎

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