giving up on owncloud (for now)

I've really been loving running my own dropbox clone, by using owncloud running on my Hippie Hosting Co-op account. It's (mostly) seamless and automatic, and (usually) Just Worksâ„¢. It's not as polished as Dropbox's UI, but that's not critical (although the status badges on files and folder badges would be nice…)

But, over the last week or 2, I've been noticing that owncloud on my work computer gets wedged. Digging into the status, the URL changes from my owncloud instance to something intercepted by browser-based wifi authentication. Just changing the URL in configuration doesn't seem to solve it. I have to nuke my owncloud settings, add a new config, delete it because it insists on syncing to /clientsync rather than /, and then re-adding it manually. Then, deleting the /clientsync folder on the server. Annoying. I just need this to work.

So. I'm back to Dropbox for awhile. I don't have time to fart around with this stuff right now. I need my file sync service to Really Just Workâ„¢. I'll try owncloud again when I have some downtime to muck about with it.

Reclaim Project: 2 steps forward, 1 step back.

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