all I want from a D2L user activity system dashboard

We're now in the third week of the Fall 2013 Desire2Learn pilot, and I find myself using the Users > Statistics page to monitor the status of the environment. It's an extremely coarse way to see if people are having problems (if there's a problem, I'd assume the user count drops to near 0).

D2L User Statistics

It's not exactly ideal, though. What I'd love is something closer to what WordPress gives for recent activity, but for active users in the environment. Something kind of like:

D2L User Activity Report Mockup

Bonus points for some content activity reports as well (# of courses active, # of discussion posts per hour, # of quizzes submitted per hour, video notes published/viewed, etc…)

Extra-special bonus points for something that could be set to run on an iPad display to monitor the environment throughout the day…


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