constructioncam test

Just processed a quick time-lapse test, using the camera 1 that we installed to monitor construction of the new digs. This’ll work nicely… Now, to test a few video hosting platforms, to see which one mangles the video the least…

** YouTube version: **

MediaCore version:
mediacore is offline

** Vimeo version: **

original H.263 .mov file

also, holy smokes does YouTube compress video files, even at “HD” quality. yikes. Facebook looks janky and won’t seem to embed at full width. Vimeo looks decent, but won’t play HD embedded unless I pony up for a premium account (and made me wait in line for 43 minutes before compression began, for reasons). Flickr and MediaCore seem to be the best so far…

  1. a Foscam FI9821W V2, installed hanging upside-down at an undisclosed location on campus ↩︎


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