2015 week 16 in review


  • We had a "D2L CA" meeting - these typically draw a dozen or so people from various faculties, who work with administering courses in D2L. We had 38 people turn up. That's the biggest turnout ever for a session like this. We're going to need a bigger boat. Lots of great idea sharing, and we're going to be trying out some new stuff to make people's lives easier. At least wrt D2L.
  • UCalgaryStrong festival - this was the first time the festival was held, on the last day of classes as part of the BSD wrapup celebration. What a great community event. The campus really is feeling like a community, rather than just a bunch of buildings.
  • We've been using a Vimeo account to host videos, which has mostly worked out well. Except it's hard to share access to let instructors upload, without giving them the keys to the kingdom. Oh. And there's another good reason why we should be running our own campus media hosting platform. Really hoping we can get something up and running soon so we can start using it in the F2015 semester. It's getting more urgent every day.
  • We set up a greenscreen DIY studio for people to use - it's early days, and so far only a single Hello World demo video has been shot in it. cough
  • Playing with a Crestron HD lecture capture thing. Looks interesting. Early tests seem to have downsampled video from the main content feed, so we're going to have to mess around with config settings to see if someone borked a setting. Looks promising, though.
  • The Faculty Design Studio is slowly coming together. It keeps getting put onto the backburner, but it's going to be fun seeing what instructors come up with over the summer.

Faculty Design Studio progress



Finally got out on a decent (but short) bike ride, out through Bearspaw with Natasha and Dave. Super fun. Super windy. We wound up heading home early after realizing how dangerous the crosswinds were.

bearspaw ride

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