2015 week 24 in review


  • We met with some of the folks in Campus Planning, to coordinate our summer research/documentation projects. I think we'll have a really interesting and useful description of how instructors and students use (and would like to use) our learning spaces.
  • Met with our D2L account team, and we decided to stop using the LOR tool within D2L. We've tried to get adoption for the tool for almost 2 years now, and haven't had success. It's time to stop licensing that tool. We're also objectively examining several of the other extra tools licensed in our environment, and may opt out of some more by the end of summer. These are taxpayer dollars, and we need to make sure we're using what we pay for, and getting the most value out of each dollar spent on these tools.
  • We had a retirement party for our awesome-and-irreplaceable program administrator, who is leaving the university at the end of the month. We're all going to miss MJ terribly, but are also pretty excited for her to be able to move on to the next set of adventures.
  • More prep for our upcoming D2L Fusion sessions. Hopefully, we'll be able to share some of our experiences and tips in adopting a new LMS and migrating an entire campus. Also, we'll be able to showcase the Student Signup Manager tool in the developer lab.
  • I was preparing for our D2L Fusion presentation and realized I lost a bunch of files from my dropbox folder. Thankfully, I had Time Machine backup on my home computer was able to go back to last year to recover the files I've been living with for the last two years. This file was going to be the background/context of our presentation, and I only had one print copy left and couldn't find the electronic copy. Yikes. PSA: Back your stuff up, even if it's in The Cloud.

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This was the first Week in Review powered by a script that automatically pulls faved RSS items and saved bookmarks from the last week and generates a markdown list to start the post. Didn't wind up saving much (any?) time, but made the process much less painful. Will have to keep working on the script - some ideas for making it more useful.

Heading to Orlando next week for InfoComm 2015, then D2L Fusion 2015. Looking forward to trying out some of the gear we're going to be putting into the new Taylor Institute building at InfoComm, and seeing the team present at Fusion. 10 days in Orlando may be a little much, though.

I managed to get out for what would have normally been an easy bike ride to Cochrane and back. I wound up kind of overdoing it, and was limping for a couple days afterwards. That's not a good sign. Still, good to get back on the bike for an actual ride.

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