2015 week 43 in review


I was off for most of the week, but went in on Friday to wrap up some stuff. The whole "take a vacation but don't actually go anywhere" thing is actually kind of awesome. No pressure to get my money's worth out of a Big Fancy Vacation. It was the most relaxing 2 week vacation I've had (but I'd still rather have spent it in Kauai…)

Looks like I'm going to be presenting at the MIIETL 2015 Research on Teaching and Learning Conference at McMaster in December. I've never been, and am looking forward to visiting a new-to-me campus.

And preparations for Congress 2016 are starting to ramp up. Campus is going to be kind of crazy with 8500 visitors for a week or so.





I was kind of getting used to the rhythm of hanging out at home with The Teenâ„¢ and The Pupâ„¢. They're both growing up pretty fast.

the pup

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