staged prototyping of event capture

In increasing order of fidelity:

  1. Diagram / sketch / blueprint
  2. Photographs (2D or 360˚ eg Bubbli)
  3. Video (HD via camcorder or lecture capture, or 360˚ eg. Allie)
  4. 3D mockup – manually modelled and animated
    1. simplified / abstract
    2. artifacts added from prototypes
    3. realistic
  5. 3D capture. How?
  6. 4D capture of multiple data streams. Really how? (approaching the “sculptural message” of the performance…)

Start with a small space, eg. TI Studio B, or smaller? Try recording using each of the 6 methods for comparison.

Document/capture it, without people

Document/capture with people in it. Mock scenario to demonstrate what each capture method provides.

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