2016 week 50 in review

Now I remembered why I stopped doing these week-in-review posts. My blog became nothing but these things. Dear Diary…


The EDU had another EDUPortfolio Extravaganza - a morning where the whole team got together to plan and write/update articles in the department eportfolio. We'll be editing and publishing those in the next few weeks.

Tom Carey visited the Taylor Institute. I wasn't able to participate in his workshop, but had some interesting lunch conversation with him about innovation in higher ed.

FeedWordPress updated and self-destructed. I updated UCalgaryBlogs to the shiny new WordPress 4.7, and nothing else appears to have blown up. But the server is obviously needing some severe performance tuning, which I don't have the time or skills for. Hoping to resolve that next semester.


Not much. Finished my first course (a self-directed research methods seminar). Still thinking/rethinking about how I want to approach my research projects. Lots of ideas. I'm going to step back a little over the break and see if anything clicks into place when I look at it fresh…



Following Clint Lalonde's move to resubscribe to a print newspaper, largely to have it laying around the house for younger eyes to be serendipitously exposed to, I subscribed to the local paper last month. Well, I tried to. A) it's not really a local paper - Post Media owns both "local" papers, which are managed centrally and written by the same staff. and B) after 3 weeks of non-delivery, I canceled the paper. Not a great onboarding experience for new subscribers. Then, I signed up for The Globe and Mail. One of two national newspapers, based out of TO. I didn't think I'd actually read it, but I read every article. The Boyâ„¢ read some. The Widowhood article almost had me in tears. We're just getting Saturday delivery (no time to read a paper during the week), and I think the weekly cadence will be a good thing. But what the hell is Margaret Wente on?

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