2016 week 52 in review


Nothing. The university was closed for the break. IT even thoughtfully shut down campus websites for a network upgrade.


I poked around with some Python tutorials to prep for the course I'm taking next semester - I'll spend 4 months programming robots to do interesting things, while hopefully obeying at least 1 of Asimov's 3 Laws…


Some of the python code I cobbled together automatically pulls "starred" items from NewsBlur, links saved to my Scuttle server, and stories I've recommended on Medium. So…

I need to refine the script to automatically yank items from previous weeks - easy for the Scuttle links because I have direct access to the MySQL database, and possible through the NewsBlur API, but Medium doesn't put the date of the recommendation in the feed (so if I recommend a story today, but the story was posted on Dec. 1, the date of the feed item is Dec. 1. Not helpful…)


Headed out to Nakiska for a ski day yesterday. Still in horrible shape. Need to build the legs back up…

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