2017 week 2 in review


The first week of the W2017 semester went off without any major crises. MUCH smoother than the F2016 semester start (which is fair, since that was the first full-scale semester we’ve hosted in the TI). I’m constantly amazed at the diversity of courses (and instructors and students) who are working in the TI - every course is different, from almost every faculty on campus. Every class session is different - with instructors and students moving furniture into different layouts regularly, and using the tech in new ways.

This first week of the semester was still pretty hectic, but is starting to calm down already.


Jennifer Payne gave a pre-defence talk about tangible artifacts for visualizing data - exploring how making or interacting with physical representations may be different than just barfing out a pivot chart in Excel. Interesting stuff.

I had my first class for the human-robot-interaction course. Looks like I’ll be working on some insanely interesting and challenging stuff this semester. Love it!



We had an absolutely perfect day at Nakiska - great snow, nice and cold, sunny. I worked on a few things, and felt much stronger and fluid as a result. Still not fast (at. all.) but moving better.

Sunshine Village upgraded one of their webcams to a new HD camera, and the feed is amazing. I decided to try making a timelapse. It plays perfectly on my computer, but YouTube appears to have done something funky to it. This was the fourth time trying to upload it, and each time something different went janky. Anyways. I’ve lived next to the Rockies my entire life, and have never stopped being in utter awe of them.

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