The Weird Thing About Today's Internet - The Atlantic

Alexis Madrigal, writing in The Atlantic:

Nowadays, (hyper)linking is an afterthought because most of the action occurs within platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and messaging apps, which all have carved space out of the open web. And the idea of “harnessing collective intelligence” simply feels much more interesting and productive than it does now. The great cathedrals of that time, nearly impossible projects like Wikipedia that worked and worked well, have all stagnated. And the portrait of humanity that most people see filtering through the mechanics of Facebook or Twitter does not exactly inspire confidence in our social co-productions.

Source: The Weird Thing About Today’s Internet - The Atlantic

Jason Kottke provides this response:

The thing is, Facebook did open up…they turned themselves inside-out and crushed the small pieces loosely joined contingent. They let the Web flood in but caught the Web’s users and content creators before they could wash back out again.

Facebook as a giant baleen whale, siphoning the web, filtering out the parts it needs in order to feed.

[Whale of a Mouthful] Photo by Teddy Llovet

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