2020 Week 03

We got hit with the longest cold snap in over 40 years, with the temp on Thursday approaching a record set back in 1896.

I don’t mind winter, but long periods below -30˚C just suck the fun out of everything that involves leaving the house. At least there’s light at the end of the frozen tunnel…

January Deepfreeze

and it’s been coooold, working in a LEED-certified building, so we have to adapt…

USB handwarmers

On the plus side, my GP gave me a clean bill of health (pending bloodwork). But I need to lose a bunch of weight. Which isn’t news.

⚙️ Work

  • ████████ ████ ████ █████
  • Setting up the LTAC Processes Working Group meeting for late Jan / early Feb. It’s a challenge, juggling calendars of a bunch of senior leaders from various faculties, with no administrative support.
  • University funding freeze - it’s freezing all around.
  • UAlberta Library’s Pressbooks server will be available for use across Alberta soon.
  • SciHub as a cyber-security risk - we now block it on campus, because it’s run by the russian mafia as a way to grab higher ed logins. 2020 is fun. (we got bit by russians back in 2016, with the whole ransomware thing). I don’t know if this is valid, or just a campaign to sow distrust and fear. Either way, it’s blocked on campus.
  • I’m taking fridays off for the next few months, to burn through a vacation backlog. It feels weird, but I’m kind of liking it so far.

🤔 PhD

📚 Reading

🧺 Other

🗓️ Focus for next week

  • Welcoming a team member back from leave, and setting up a gradual transition. It’ll be great, being back to full staff again (and after I was gone for 5 months last year as well!)
  • Mid-range strategic planning within the TI - project plans for the semester.

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