2020 Week 12

⚙️ Work

We implemented Zoom as a campus platform last week. It had been used in pockets across the university before that, but here’s the uptake after the first 3 full days of remote courses:

Zoom meetings chart

So far, the only real glitches have been with people using emails that aren’t in Peoplesoft (so the connection from D2L gets confused), and with people who had previous Zoom accounts with emails that aren’t in Peoplesoft (which is usually the same people as the first issue). We have workarounds for now, and will look at fixing the data quality issue in Peoplesoft after this semester wraps up. Zoom’s been holding up really well, aside from a brief DNS glitch on Friday (but even that didn’t appear to disrupt classes).

COVID is the new normal. I’m self-isolating at home (with mild a mild cold, but Alberta Health Services says to stay home for 14 days just in case). Our team is mostly working from home now, so we’re figuring out what that looks like. I’m glad I have reliable broadband at home.

🤔 PhD

nope. working on some ideas for articles and collaborations. I guess my working title is starting to stick…

📚 Reading

  • Bervell, B., Arkorful, V. (2020). LMS-enabled blended learning utilization in distance tertiary education: establishing the relationships among facilitating conditions, voluntariness of use and use behaviour. Int J Educ Technol High Educ 17, 6. https://doi.org/10.1186/s41239-020-0183-9

🧺 Other

I’m finding the resurrection of DS106Radio to be a source of comfort in this - reconnecting with a community that I’d drifted away from… #4life

🗓️ Focus for next week

Hopefully be able to take a step back and start to think more strategically about what we’re doing, now that the initial existential crisis is starting to pass.

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