2020 Week 22

Our team relaunched the elearn.ucalgary.ca support website. This is great work!

Projects I’ve been working on since COVID hit:

  • Zoom implementation/launch/adjustment
  • CSM and contract stuff with our various edtech vendors
  • Online exam proctoring selection/planning/implementation
  • Leganto digital library reserve readings launch
  • Consultation/support for instructors now teaching remotely
  • “why can’t d2l have a feature like this other tool that I can’t possibly teach my course without!” consultations
  • In spare time, being a manager of a team. This role is being sorely neglected. Thankfully, I have an awesome team that can function effectively without needing me involved in every detail.

But. I’ve been told to start burning my 7+ weeks of accrued vacation time, so I’m officially out of the office until June 8. Aside from the 7 meetings that I can’t avoid because that would blow project timelines.

Except for those unavoidable meetings, my focus for my week “off” is to power through writing my thesis proposal. I’m aiming to have it ready for review by June 7. I’m going to be building my dissertation (from proposal to finished) as a website, rather than a carefully formatted word doc. I’ll share the url when I’m ready.

But. It’s spring. Finally.

Leaves. Finally.

Thanks to Anne-Marie for playing this on a recent show on DS106 Radio. This album has basically become my focus-while-working soundtrack. So good.

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