2021 Week 20

⚙️ Work

This is cool. Mohammad Moshirpour (from the Schulich School of Engineering) was just awarded a 2021 D2L Innovation Award, by STLHE.

President McCauley published the latest draft of UCalgary’s Growth Through Focus strategy. A good chunk of it relates directory to the work of the TI.

🤔 PhD

Had a great discussion with Ehud about my plans for chapters 6 and 7. Time to step away from playing with the transcripts and just write and write and write. And then revise.

📚 Reading

UCalgary’s TALON Teaching and Learning Online Network community just posted Issue #24, with a focus on online experiential learning. Lisa Stowe, Kara Loy, and Rachel Braun from the TI’s Experiential Learning group contributed the article.1

Heilporn, G., Lakhal, S. & Bélisle, M. An examination of teachers’ strategies to foster student engagement in blended learning in higher education. Int J Educ Technol High Educ 18, 25 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1186/s41239-021-00260-3

Maren Deepwell: Leading a virtual team: mental wellbeing for virtual teams

Robert Lewis, in EmergingEdTech: 7 Lesser Known Zoom Features to Improve Remote Learning - the “optimize for video” bit is useful, but he forgot to mention the Share > Advanced: Video tool that lets you directly stream any video file without recording/streaming your screen…2 I’ve remapped the mute/unmute keyboard shortcut to use F5, so it’s a quick one-key toggle.

zoom share > advanced: video

Labouta, H. I., Kenny, N. A., Dyjur, P., Reid, L., & Cramb, D. T. (2019). An Inclusive, Dynamic and Collaborative Framework for Improving Curriculum Review in a Post-Secondary Program. Transformative Dialogues: Teaching & Learning Journal, 12(1).

Kathryn Dill, in WSJ’s The Future of Everything: WeWork CEO says least engaged employees enjoy working from home.

Waszkiewicz, A., & Kominiarczuk, M. (2021). Towards a Model of Objective-Based Reward Systems. Game Studies, 21(1).

🧺 Other

I upgraded our home internet to Shaw’s Fibre Gig. It’s a gig down, but 100 MB up. Not symmetrical, but still way better than the 15MB up we had on the previous plan… And now my home office is connected with wired ethernet, so no more wifi flakiness.

fibre gig speedtest

I’m debating moving our cellular plans to Shaw. It’s sooo much cheaper than the Rogers plans we’re on now, but it sounds like coverage is nonexistent outside of the city, with handoff to roaming not always handled smoothly.

Speaking of which, I have got to get outside of the city. The last time I saw an actual dark sky was 3 years ago in Strawberry, AZ. I have trouble even imagining what this is like in person…

I did get out for a ride on Friday afternoon, which was awesome, but being wind-blown along the side of a highway for an hour and a half isn’t the same as just… being… out of the city.

Quiet Bearspaw

🗓️ Focus for next week

Hiring committee. Lots of D2L-related meetings. Some planning meetings. And I need to make progress on a website mockup project.

  1. the issues/Letters are posted as pdfs, but are available online. a bloggy thing might work better for this kind of thing? ↩︎

  2. it does need to be a file on your computer, but using something like a Youtube downloader utility makes that easy. And then, you have a reliable local copy that won’t go away if someone decides to do something to the video posted online, doesn’t have ads or tracking inserted while playing, and doesn’t have inline links/buttons… ↩︎

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