DiscoverWare Nova

From 1998-2001, I worked at DiscoverWare, Inc - a Calgary-based eLearning company with customers around North America, Europe and Australia. The “Nova” product line was a rich-media software simulation learning management system, based on 3-tier client/server communication. I built the client-side data and user activity tracking layers, which then communicated with a client user interface layer, and a server for long-term storage of user progress data.

Screen recording video demo

Screenshots of menus and content

main menu - status indicator Main menu - with status indicator to show content you’ve already viewed.

query tool Content player - with simulated screens to show how to use the software, as well as guided interaction to show you where various tools and menus are.

quiz - drag and drop There were several types of quiz questions for self-assessment, including true/false, drag-and-drop, matching, and simulation. Feedback for each question or step was provided immediately.

search All content was fully searchable - combined with the bookmark and history features to give people full control over how they access the content, as the product was designed as a just-in-time learning tool.