This site is intended to provide the latest information on the CAREO Repository Application Development Project progress, including Milestones and other issues. It will be updated regularly, so check back often.

Latest Events:

2001/08/29: Editing and deletion of metadata objects now implemented. Users can now create, edit, save, search, and delete metadata objects.

2001/08/24: Repository application is almost at Alpha stage. Object creation and basic searching is supported, as well as creation and authentication of user accounts.

2001/08/07: Development of the repository application is under way. Currently using a local database (subset of what will eventually become the final repository database schema). Screenshots comparing the static HTML mockups to the "live" web application have been posted to the alpha milestones page.

2001/08/02: HTML Mockup screens published (Michael Magee)

2001/07/31: Website published. Begin work on formal specifications.

Upcoming Events: