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Publishing OER at the Univeristy of Calgary

PRISM: University of Calgary Digital Repository

Hosted by the Taylor Family Digital Library, PRISM is an open repository that collects, preserves and disseminates materials including OERs. Benefits of PRISM include:

  • long term commitment to preservation,

  • indexing in services such as Google Scholar,

  • Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for your works,

  • Creative Commons licensing,

  • versioning,

  • usage statistics,

  • support for a variety of file types

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University of Calgary initiatives

University of Calgary Collections

Pilot Project Grant Recipients

Mayi Arcellana-Panlilio

MDSC 351

Jason Donev

PHYS 371


Kathleen Hughes

PSYC 451

Sharaz Khan

BTMA 601


Elena Rangelova

ENGO 343

Elizabeth Montes Garcés, Michael Dabrowski and Fresia Sánchez

SPAN 203


Joanna Rankin

CORE 209

Nicole Sandblom, Vivian Mozol and Amanda Musgrove Richer

CHEM 209


Maria Stoletova

MGST 741

Catherine Wagg, Amy Warren and Nicole Fernandez

VETM 442



OER On Campus

We are currently compiling a list of open educational resources that were developed or adapted for a course at the University of Calgary. If you are aware of an OER that is not listed here, please let us know.

Beginner Spanish OER

Michael Dabrowski

An online course developed for introductory Spanish.

Energy Education

Jason Donev

An online encyclopedia that gives a comprehensive overview of the science of energy.


Groundwater 2.0

John Cherry and Cathryn Ryan

An evolving e-textbook on groundwater.


Claude LaFlamme and Keith Nicholson

A collection of open source textbooks for introductory mathematics and other courses.


OER for Introductory Mathematics Courses

With Mount Royal University - In progress

Nancy Chibry, Karen Seyffarth, Gerard LaBute

Open Genetics

Todd Nickle and Isabelle Barrette-Ng

Supplementary materials, including videos, readings and exercises for introductory genetics.


The Open Logic Project

Richard Zach and Nicole Wyatt

A collection of customizable teaching materials for intermediate and advanced logic.

The Shared Canadian Curriculum in Family Medicine

David Keegan

A collection of educational resources for family medicine.


Signature Pedagogies for E-Learning in Higher Education and Beyond

Sarah Eaton, Barbara Brown, Meadow Schroeder, Jennifer Lock and Michele Jacobsen

An exploration of signature pedagogies in e-learning for higher education.