content imageThe Teaching & Learning Centre is committed to enhancing the quality of teaching and learning at the University of Calgary.

Our mission is to provide leadership and support for quality, innovative, inquiry- learning approaches to curriculum innovation and research. We also provide leadership and support for the integration of technologies into the learning process.

The strategic goals of the Teaching & Learning Centre are to:

  • Provide teaching and learning development activities
  • Precipitate and support curriculum renewal
  • Support technology innovation and adoption to enhance teaching and learning
  • Foster and disseminate research associated with teaching, curriculum, and learning technologies

Linking to the Academic Plan

The University of Calgary Academic Plan has teaching at its core. As a learning-centred university, the first principle in the Academic Plan is what we're here to support. Each of the following five action items has a direct connection to the Teaching & Learning Centre.

- Dr. Randy Garrison, Director

Direct Reference of the Academic Plan to the Teaching & Learning Centre
Raising Our Sights Action Items   Teaching & Learning Centre Action Items
1. Enlarge high-quality graduate programs, especially research-oriented doctoral programs that support our strategic academic priorities.   Provide a professional development program for graduate students (UTC program)
2. Manage undergraduate enrolment to ensure that high-caliber students are highly satisfied with the quality of their experience in a learning environment committed to research, scholarship and creative activity.   Support inquiry-based learning initiatives (IBL repositories & communities of inquiry)
3. Identify, as a critical element in our recruitment plans for all categories of staff, the need for a close fit between four core principles we have adopted at the University of Calgary and the academic and support staff who work there.   Provide appropriate professional development opportunities for new and continuing staff (New Faculty Institute)
4. Ensure that our core principles inform the future development and review of programs at the University of Calgary, and that they guide our thinking about the organizational structures that support and enable those programs.   Commission and support the implementation of the Institutional Learning Plan.Working with the Learning & Instructional Development Subcommittee to draft a dynamic position paper on blended learning.
5. Emphasize post-degree credentials, along with our regular degrees, as the primary form of lifelong learning that a research university such as the University of Calgary is uniquely suited to offer.   Define e-learning methods in helping the Teaching & Learning Centre engage responsively with our communities.