SciQ: Science Revealed

content imageSciQ is a collaborative partnership project fostering science learning for K-12 students in Alberta and Canada. Since its inception in 2001, SciQ has focused on combining engaging science-related content with innovative technology to provide learning resources for students, teachers and parents.

The challenge has been to provide a simple and effective collection of links to high quality, online resources for use by teachers in the K-12 classroom. Also, provision of a compelling, magazine-like website to generate and support interest in the sciences, has been a goal of interest. The Teaching & Learning Centre developed a prototype resource collection based on its CAREO learning object repository software. This prototype was used to present the first live event, broadcast from the Royal Tyrell Museum. Over the past year, we have modified our implementation of the SciQ website, in order to better support collaborative publishing by SciQ partners. The SciQ Zones section has also been re-implemented as an APOLLO application, enabling federated search of both the SciQ and resource collections.

SciQ Website

Connect with us: 5th Floor Bio Sciences, Phone: 403-220-4949

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