Inquiry Through Blended Learning

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Inquiry Learning
Inquiry learning is problem– or question–driven learning involving critical discourse, self–direction, research methods, and reflection throughout the learning experience. The inquiry approach supports and enriches the teaching, learning and research process, and actively engages students in responsible learning activities.

Blended Learning
Blended learning is the integration of face–to–face and online learning to enhance the classroom experience and extend learning through the innovative use of information and communications technology. Blended strategies enhance student engagement and learning through online activities to the course curriculum, and improve effectiveness and efficiencies by reducing lecture time.

Inquiry through Blended Learning
ITBL is an umbrella term referring to a variety of faculty development opportunities – all focused on furthering faculty understanding, skill and confidence in using technology to facilitate effective teaching and learning approaches. Blended learning can enhance the inquiry approach by providing greater access to information, opportunities to analyze and organize information, and support sustained discussion and reflection through communities of inquiry. Technologies such as Blackboard, videoconferencing and instructional applications can offer convenient and effective schemes to design a variety of opportunities for instructor/student, student/student, and student/content interactions. Such interactions can augment, and often replace, traditional face–to–face instructional methods.

The Teaching & Learning Centre is an active partner with the recipients of the Inquiry and Blended Learning Course Development and Enhancement Pilot Project awards. This campus–wide initiative provides financial support to faculty members who want to incorporate inquiry and/or blended teaching strategies into new or existing courses. The Teaching & Learning Centre is lending its expertise to the initiative and is working to develop effective tools, strategies and solutions for these innovative projects.

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