I'll likely migrate the rest of our weblogs over to WordPress sometime in the future - it imports MovableType blogs (apparently), and has group blog features that aren't appropriate for Blosxom.

I'll still use Blosxom for my own blog, because I like it, but it's looking like WordPress for the rest of the Learning Commons weblogs. I'll do some test imports next week to see if it's viable.

Here's a link to a tutorial on migrating from MovableType to WordPress

UPDATE: Looks like WordPress may not be so helpful for multiple blogs after all. From their website, it sounds like you have to kinda hack the database to support this, adding a new set of tables for each blog.

Not a big deal for just a couple blogs, but could get scary for someone like Brian, who's got over 100 blogs in MT. That would be extremely funky to manage in WordPress at the moment. And even our dozen or so blogs would be a huge PITA to do that way...

UPDATE: It looks like they're working on a Big New Release of WordPress - and that is supposed to feature multi-blog multi-author stuff. Not sure if that's the version 1.2 that's in beta now, or something further down the road...

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