Updated RSS 1.0 Feed

I was trying to figure out why Alan's Feed2JS tool wasn't displaying dates for my weblog feed. Alan pointed out that it was an RSS 0.91 feed, so it didn't have dates. Duh.

After an email to the Blosxom group, and some googling, I've got an RSS 1.0 feed available. Turns out I needed an additional plugin to give the minimal Blosxom script some extra brains, and then some flavour files to tell it how to render the feed.

I've made it the default link on the sidebar, but existing subscriptions to the RSS 0.91 feed will still work.

Also, if you want to subscribe to just one section of the blog, just tack on an "index.rss10" after the path on the weblog. This works for category paths and dates (and for individual posts, but that's not very useful...) Here's an example for just the "Development" section.

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