XML via EOF Redux

Before leaving for the NMC 2004 Summer Conference, I handed King the code I'd hacked together to implement XML KeyValueCoding and the XStreamDB EOAdaptor. He needed the XML KVC part to implement an ECL client in APOLLO, so it should have worked just fine.

In usual King form, he went through my code, and when he was done, it looked like part of the EOF stack itself - all of the niggly loose ends I was struggling with were properly cauterized - no, that's too rough - they were reworked with Best Practices and EOF methodology so they worked properly, rather than just working (yes, there is a distinction ;-) ).

Anyway, I'm working on re-integrating King's wonderful code cleanup into the working XStreamDB EOAdaptor. It's already promising to be much faster due to the proper implementation of KVC caching (rather than looking up values each and every time from the DOM, it stores them in a lazy-bound way, so it's only looked up the "hard way" the first time, and after changes).

Once the changes are merged back in (shouldn't take too long - the biggest task is deciding to use XStreamDB 3.0c or 3.1 client libraries), it should be a well oiled and almost fully functioning XStreamDB query engine. Then, to work on editing and adding records...

Anyway, I just wanted to give some quasi-public kudos to King. I'm constantly amazed at the amount of actual working stuff he's got crammed in his skull.

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