APOLLO Javadocs

I've just published updated Javadocs for the APOLLO frameworks (and the Pitchboard application that drives Fusion).

It's a start - we'll be fleshing out the documentation as we move along (that's one of the things on my plate, so I'll be spending some quality time working on documentation over the coming months).

The classes will be updated/cleaned/trimmed over the next little while, but this will give a starting point for grokking the guts of APOLLO.

This version of the javadocs includes:

  • ca.ucalgary.apollo.foundation (handles low-level data stuff)
  • ca.ucalgary.apollo.appkit (handles high-level application stuff - UI, etc...)
  • ca.ucalgary.apollo.workflow (handles creation and execution of step-based workflows)
  • ca.ucalgary.apollo.pitchboard (drives Fusion)
  • ca.ucalgary.apollo.vocabulary (provides interface for describing vocabularies)
  • ca.ucalgary.apollo.vocabulary.vdex (implements the standard VDEX vocab. specification)


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