Indy Jr. Travel Map

I'd played with Indy Jr. before. It's a very cool Flash app that reads an XML file listing a bunch of places, and the date you were there. Then, it renders a map, with dots on the locations, and optionally draws transit lines between the dots. Kinda like the Indiana Jones movie effect - hence the name Indy Jr.

Thanks to a post by Alan Levine, I've grabbed the latest version and updated my locations file.

Check out D'Arcy's Travels - I'll try to keep it up to date. Some of the older dates are from memory, so I'll update them when I find exact dates. I hadn't realized just how strongly my travels have been constrained to the periphery of North America!

Travel Map

As an aside, Indy Jr. is a pretty kick-ass demo of an XML-configured Flash application. Highly customizable, and dynamic rendering of data. Kinda like something in Pachyderm...

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