NetNewsWire 2.0 Beta

Great. I just buy a license for Shrook because I didn't like some of the things missing from NetNewsWire Pro. Now, Ranchero Software released a public beta of NNW 2.0 and the thing rocks!

It's got the flag-and-archive posts feature I liked from Shrook. It's got the smart folders I liked from Shrook (and iTunes, etc...) and a bunch of other stuff. I just re-imported my 247-strong blogroll into it, and will be trying it out for a while. It's MUCH more responsive than Shrook... That may be reason enough to change. NNW 2 doesn't have the "distributed checking" feature that Shrook has, but that actually failed or got in the way as often as it helped (but when it works, it's pretty cool...)

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