Apple Store being updated...

So, the Stevenote for MWSF 2005 just started, and the Apple Store is dutifully displaying this:

Apple Store Being Updated

This could be expensive... :-)

UPDATE: Yup. This is going to cost me about a grand... (by the time I pick up Bluetooth module, Airport card, 512MB RAM, 80GB drive, a DVI-Video adaptor so it can talk to my TV, and an EyeTV200 so I can Tivo stuff...)

Mac Mini

Figure I'll pick up one of these eventually and slap it into my entertainment system at home... This is exactly what I was hoping for! DAMNThank you Steve!

UPDATE: Yup... A decently bundled Mac mini (80GB, 512MB, bluetooth, Airport card, bluetooth keyboard + mouse, and DVI-Video adaptor) will set me back $1100CDN. If I spring for the ElGato EyeTV 200 so I can do spooky Tivo things, that's an additional $469CDN - Grand total for the tricked out Mac media centre: $1592CDN. Maybe I'll wait just a bit longer... :-)


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