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I was just chatting with Joshua Archer and we tried out Skype. It looks really promising, but we didn't get to have an actual conversation over it because I didn't have headphones, and the feedback from my powerbook's internal microphone was pretty nasty.

Assuming the addition of headphones clears that up, this should be a great addition to our suite of collaboration tools (and would wind up getting a spot in our potential NMC 2005 session in June...)

So, I'm building up my Skype contacts list... If you use Skype, let me know what your account name is, and I'll add you.

Oh, I'm dlnorman on Skype...

UPDATE: I've had 2 Skype calls today. The first was with Josh, and it was basically unusable. Feedback that built up in a couple of seconds to sound like a team of wild horses galloping through the room. The second call was with Tim Wang, and it sounded as good or better than a regular long distance phone call. We were both using the "stock" microphone and speakers in our laptops, so I'm not sure why it was working better with Tim than Josh... But if Skype calls sound that good, then, well, DAMN! Bring it on!

UPDATE: I had several Skype requests waiting for me when I got in this morning. Unfortunately, Skype conveniently crashed after adding the first one... And I don't know if it keeps a record of requests anywhere. So, if you sent me a request, and I didn't respond, it's not personal :-) Please send it again...

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