Pachyderm 2.0 Beta 1

The Pachyderm project just pushed the software into "Beta 1" status, which we're using as an internal beta testing stage so we can squash some bugs before releasing it to the wild.

To the 42 people on the internal beta test list, your login info is just about in the mail (I've created the accounts, and am now looking forward to sending out 42 templated emails, hoping I don't goof up the passwords :-) )

Thanks to a full-on coding push by Josh and King in the last couple of weeks, this beta is pretty kick-ass. There are sill some rough spots, but it's totally usable.

We'll be updating the beta version of the authoring application every Friday morning during the beta cycles, so if you see something that looks wrong, or misbehaves, file a bug using the provided tools, and check it out again after the next update.

Here's the (Un)Official Announcement.

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