Drupal is everywhere!

I keep noticing Drupal-powered websites all over the place. A month ago, I thought Drupal was some quirky, esoteric content management system. Now, I see that it's a quirky, esoteric content management system that is used by a whole lotta people. And it scales from 1 user to 150,000 users. The SpreadFirefox project added 20,000 new users to its Drupal site in one month. There's apparently a telecom somewhere with 150,000 users. It's being used on several university campuses for campus- and department-blogging initiatives. It powers the new OurMedia.org content archiving/publishing project, which will likely/hopefully have about 3 bajillion users after it takes off.

Here's a few of the campus blogging projects I've found recently that are using Drupal. I'm sure I'm missing a whole bunch of them, too.

If I'd realized that Drupal was being used this much, the decision process may well have been less than 2 weeks...


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