On the Pope's Funeral

Watching the footage of the Pope's funeral, I was struck first with how wide a cross section of the planet attended. Not just Catholics, but Jews, Arabs, Hindi, etc. all coming to pay respects for sprituality in general, and a great man in particular. This was followed closely (and sadly) with this thought:

Perfect target for bioterrorism. A vial released in the middle of the 2 million-strong crowd, if it took a week or two to kick in, would be spread undetected into almost every community on the planet within a week.

I sure hope security in Rome was tight, but can't see any way this could be prevented if someone was determined.

It's really frigging depressing that this type of thinking keeps coming into my head, especially prompted by what should be joyous celebrations of humanity. It comes up around the Olympics as well, and any other large-scale global event.


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