MacOSX Server 10.3.9 Issues

Well... I thought I was being careful...

First, I ran the 10.3.9 Client update on my laptop, and rebooted to make sure Java and WebObjects was happy (there were rumours that they may complain after the update). No complaints - everything worked as expected.

Then, I started updating servers. I tested the 10.3.9 Server update first on - that went well, so I ran it on That also went fine, so I ran it on

That didn't go so well. For some reason, the server is now completely unresponsive. I can't SSH in to kick it over from the inside. I can't FTP, HTTP, etc... I can't connect via Server Admin. It needs a physical tap. But - the server is "safely" locked in our machine room, and Kirk has the key (I don't have one, for some reason). Which means that I'll have to ask politely first thing Monday morning if I can pretty please be allowed into the machine room to push a button.

So... While CAREO and the Learning Commons websites are up and running, Pachyderm (and the subversion server),, and the wiki are down until Monday AM, most likely.

I really was trying to be careful.

Update: The server magically rebooted at 7:46am Sunday morning... King? Was that you? Or did someone break into the office and inadvertently cycle power to the server?

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