Arrived at Sonoma State University

We had 2 blemishes on our pachyderm developers pilgrimage to CDL. First, Tim was refused entry to the States, so missed his flight. He wound up catching a later flight, but will be missing some of the meeting today.

Second, after getting our rental car (a Rendezvous), and having to catch up on some time we lost waiting for Tim. I was going roughly with the flow of traffic on the 101, out of San Francisco. Things were moving along smoothly, until Officer Poncherello pulls in behind us and flashes his friendly lights.

I got my first speeding ticket. Ever. F*CK! D@MMIT!!!

That sucked the wind out of my sails Big Time. I've mostly pulled out of my funk, but am wondering how much the ticket is going to cost me - Ponch wouldn't even estimate. 15MPH over the limit... What does that cost you on the 101?

OK... back to paying attention in the meeting.

Update: I just realized... When we were leaving SFO to go to the car rental place, we just caught an AirTrain - perfect timing. In my smart-ass way, I commented "I hope we didn't just burn up our karma for the day..." - oops. Quick googling suggests the ticket is going to hit me for about $200. Holy. Crap.

Update: The development team (sans Josh, and leadership) just had a "meeting" to "discuss xml". OK. We were playing pool in the hotel lobby/bar. And by playing pool, I mean "playing" pool, because we all suck like a Dyson. Wow, do we suck at pool. Wasn't helped by the audience, and the guy that kicked our collective asses on the last game... Humility is a good thing. Good meeting, though! :-)

And photos from day one are now online.

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