Preparing for our Museums and the Web 2005 Session

The Pachyfolks have been spending much of the day gathering final touches for the Big Pachyderm-o-rama this afternoon at MW2005. We've got a pretty slick Keynote presentation (and the non-mac folks in the group now all want to get macs so they can use Keynote 2 :-) )

I sat in on the "Finding Stuff" session this morning. Some talk about search engine optimization (gag), but the stuff the SFMOMA demoed showing their new kiosk (and eventual web) interface to their interactive media was freaking awesome. They kept a pretty tight lid on it, since I talk to these people weekly, and had no idea they were building it :-)

Anyway, after our session (perhaps after I get back into Calgary - I leave almost immediately after our session ends), I'll post a version of the presentation to the web. I'm not sure how well it will stand on its own - it's entirely NOT a conventional bullet-point-and-reams-of-text presentation, and is meant more as a backdrop to actual humans talking, rather than reciting screens of stuff that people can bloody well read on their own (or read the papers in the proceedings...)

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