Pachyderm 2.0 Beta Testing

I just finished the first round of authoring for the Mavericks exhibit, using the Pachyderm 2.0 Beta 1 software. It's by far the largest beta test case we've had. Currently, there are 67 screens in this project (but there will wind up being hundreds of screens), with many assets, and lots of text. It should be a good stress test for all parts of the authoring and publishing processes.

Authoring went very smoothly. Here are some tips:

  • Storyboard everything first (screens, assets, text, links)
  • Have all assets in the system before you start (so you can select and preview them during authoring)
  • Go through and create all the screens (without linking). then go back and start adding in the links. Much faster than adding a screen, saving, adding another screen, going back to screen #1 to link it to screen #2, repeat... Just add a bajillion screens and add all text/assets. THEN go back and hook them up.

We've followed both points so far, and that's the reason why authoring a 67-screen project was so painless. I'll try to share some screenshots of the finished project when it's ready...

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