Pachyderm Server Down (temporarily, I hope)

The thoughtful and friendly folks at the U of C decided to upgrade the electrical infrastructure in the Learning Commons today. That meant that would be without power. "No problem, thanks for the notice," I thought - assuming they'd be shutting down the server before yanking the plug.

They didn't.

And now the server is struggling to get back up again. I'm kinda remote from the server right now, hunkered down at SSU with the rest of the Pachyderm developers. Trying to show stuff on the pachyderm instance on - can't SSH in to reboot it from California. Can't FTP in. Apache is up, but WebObjects is cranky. MySQL is down. Doh...

I'm really hoping someone reboots the server so we can do more work tomorrow...

So, until then, is down. And, since it's hosting and, they are down now, too. crap. Remind me why I left the office?

Update: It's back! Something had gotten wedged on the reboot after the power cycle. Some services came up, but others simply refused. Kirk just gave the server a nudge, and all is happy again (thanks, Kirk!)

I'm really hoping the bipolar nature of this trip settles down Real Soon Now™.

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