Back from the Pachyderm Dev. Pow-Wow

It was a pretty busy multi-day session, but we've hammered out what we need to do to get Pachyderm 2 to the place it needs to be for the NMC conference in June, and for the Big Release in October. These face-to-face developer's meetings are always good, and are always exhausting.

Pachyderm Brain Burnout

This was an especially bipolar trip. Ups included figuring out the project stuff, spending some time with the other developers, hitting some good restaurants, and being in the green lushness of California. Downs included the damned speeding ticket, Tim getting rejected at the border, and realizing just how little time we have to do what we need to do.

I've posted photos from the trip, and will be updating shortly with the last of them (including one more whiteboard shot, and some hopefully cool pics of a sunset from 33,000'.

As we were landing, I could see crystals blasting by in the landing lights. We got to the ground, and it was snowing. A nice solid sheet of icy snow greeted me this morning. I miss the Bay Area already :-)

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