Dashboard Widgets can be CPU-Aggressive

I just installed the Dasher pref. pane, to pull up Dashboard after a couple of minutes of inactivity - instead of a screensaver.

Activity Monitor is running in the background, and while walking by, I noticed the CPU was pegged. I opened the detail view, and it listed 4 dashboard widgets as taking 10-15% CPU each. The widget was "World Clock" - 15% of a 1GHz CPU to render an analog clock? There's gotta be something wrong there... I know it's using the cool new WebKit draw dealie, but 15% seems a bit excessive. I could write Shockwave stuff that uses less...

Nevertheless, the eye candy is worth it... Behold 45% CPU activity, in 4 widget instances:

World Clock Dashboard Widgets

Update: Woah. I just checked Activity Monitor, because my system was feeling like it was stuck in VM thrash hell (with a gig of ram, that shouldn't be happening). I sorted by "real memory" usage - and each of the Dashboard widgets is filling around 90MB of RAM! And between 250MB - 500MB of virtual memory! There's gotta be something wrong here, because that's rather obscene memory usage for a little analog clock, even if it is shiny...

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