iPodder.org Educational Directory Updated (finally)

I took some time last night to process the backlog of new educational podcast notifications. I added 16 new podcasts to the iPodder.org Educational category - including a new General Education category for stuff that just doesn't fit into K-12 or Higher Education.

There are now 31 education-related podcasts listed. And it's growing every week, it seems...

I do have to say that the iPodder.org category browsing interface is pretty sucktacular (although consistent with Radio/Manilla interfaces). Click targets are too small (why not make the title clickable, instead of just the meaningless icon?), and you can't drill down easily - no expand/contract categories, you have to actually move up/down the hierarchy. Also, why is it a central collection of podcast links? Why not collect links from the wild, using tags? That would remove the current bottleneck for posting new links. *cough*sorry*ahem*

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