WP Plugin: Popularity Contest Plugin (beta)

Popularity Contest Plugin by Alex King is like a stats plugin on steroids. Not the cheap horse steroids, but some kind of high-end East European Gymnast steroids.

It breaks down all posts/categories/dates/comments/trackbacks on your entire WP blog, and ranks them relative to each other. Handy for telling at a glance where the most "interesting" (at least to everyone but yourself - you likely know the stuff that interests yourself already) stuff at a glance.

Popularity Contest is a WordPress plugin that uses page views and feedback (comments, trackbacks, etc.) to determine how popular each of your posts are (in relation to each other). The values given to each type of view and feedback are configurable1 and popularity for all posts is recalculated whenever they are changed

Update: Wow. This plugin is sure handy for identifying where the spamroaches are trying to sneak into my blog! Posts that should be receiving no traffic are skyrocketing up the "popularity" charts. Amazing. Stupid spambots.

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