Mavericks Authoring with Pachyderm 2.0

I'm plugging away at authoring the Mavericks online exhibit, using the current Beta3 snapshot of Pachyderm 2.0. The content is basically all prewritten, and structured into screens with links to assets etc... So the hard part has been done long before the content gets to me to implement.

The basic workflow we're going with right now is:

  • Exbibit is broken down into sections by Glenbow
  • Sections are laid out on paper, to set up screen structure, linking, assets, etc... (ballpark 150 screens per section)
  • Supporting content is written for use in appropriate screens.
  • Assets and metadata are exported from ContentDM by Glenbow
  • Assets and metadata are imported into Pachyderm via a custom back-end app
  • Sections are divided between implementing authors (primarily Shawn so far, but I'm taking more sections now that Beta3 is out the door)
  • Screens for each section are entered into Pachyderm, and any deficiencies are identified (missing content, missing assets, missing metadata)
  • Screens within each section are linked up, and a test publish is conducted
  • Published section is reviewed, section is modified as needed
  • Sections are stitched together into a single überpresentation (ballpark 1000+ screens?)

I'm currently getting around 45 screens per hour in straight data-entry authoring mode. So, it should take me in the ballpark of 3 hours to do the basic implementation authoring for a new section of about 150 screens.

We're getting to the point now where we're hoping to start the test-publish stage for the first 5 of the 13 sections.

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