Pachyderm Beta 3 Release

We finally pushed the next beta of the Pachyderm online/interactive presentation authoring app out the door today. It's got quite a few fixes in the queue, but it's definitely usable. The beta cycle should be interesting - roughly 200 people hammering on an app that we're trying to finish/fix while they're using it. That's likely going to be a separate series of blog entries...

In the meantime, we've got the major wrinkles ironed out (at least to the casual observer's point of view), and it works as advertised. It could stand some optimization (particularly in the presentation publishing code, which doesn't do much caching at the moment), but it's definitely working. The hardest part for us has been deciding when/where to draw the line on what "gets done" before we call it 2.0 - it's so tempting to just keep going, especially since we all have some pretty cool ideas (and there is no lack of code that needs refactoring/cleaning up).

The "unit test" presentation that I use to make sure the authoring/publishing process is working with each update is available. Not very exciting, but available. OK. It has a whole lot of cute photos of my kid in it... This presentation will be modified at will, to test out new templates and features etc... and may be borked and unborked without warning.

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