Thinking of ditching .Mac

I've been a relatively hardcore .Mac user since the day it was announced (as the free iTools service, several years ago). I stuck with it when it switched from free to a paid subscription. It had enough handy stuff that I could totally justify the approximately $160 CDN per year.

But, I find I'm not using any of the .Mac services now, except for iSync. My dad uses a .Mac email address that I renew for him every year (he started with a free account, too, and was caught when it switched to a payment model).

So, I'm spending ballpark $170/year, for iSync and an email account for my dad. I use Flickr for all of my photo sharing (blows the crap out of .Mac homepage album management), and I use my blog for everything else.

I would guess that I could work out some way of keeping my two macs in sync, and throw my dad a GMail account, for something less than $170/year. Then, I could allocate the leftover cash to paying for my GoDaddy hosting, and maintaining a FlickrPro account, and have enough left over to pick up a new iPod Shuffle every year.

Unless, of course, there is a serious upgrade to .mac in the works...


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