My Flickr Wishlist

I've got a few ideas to help make Flickr and even cooler app.

  1. On a photo page, where it lists the camera model used to take the picture, why not link that to a page with more info about the camera? Doesn't have to be an "ecommerce" tie-in, but at least a way to find out more...
  2. When browsing photos in My Favorites, it would be cool if the photos were displayed in context of the favorites, as if it were a Set.
  3. How about a way to search items in My Favorites - view the tag cloud for the photos, or have a search field, or something... Now that the Interestingness stuff is going full speed, I'm gathering a lot of faves.
  4. RSS feed for my faves?
  5. Star ratings for photos? Allow anyone to "tag" anyone's photos (including their own) with a star rating...
  6. Why can't I add my own photos to My Favorites?
  7. Calendar view for my faves?

That's it for now. Really digging the Interestingness stuff...


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