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I won't say the name of the mag, in case it doesn't get published - no need to add pressure to the writer - but I was just interviewed out of the blue by a writer for a Big Magazine (you know the one). She is researching an article on the iPod battery life issue, and found my blog entry on it. In the interest of not being used out of context, what I basically said was:

  • Love my iPod
  • It never got the full 8-10 hours of battery life (started out around 6, fell to 4 rather quickly, then down to about 1 this summer)
  • Got my 3G 20GB iPod in April 2004
  • I still haven't picked up a replacement battery yet, but am planning to use the newly announced Canadian iPod Levy Refund to pay for most of a new battery (seems fair)
  • I'll go for the third party battery (it's cheaper, and higher capacity than Apple's iPod battery), and install it myself. (even though I'm a touch nervous about that - there's no way I'm shipping it away for someone else to maul)
  • I'll totally buy another iPod in the future. Battery issues aside, there's just nothing else that comes close to an iPod. The integration with iTunes rocks (smart playlists, etc...) and the scroll wheel has no equal.

I think that's it. I didn't take notes or anything, but wanted to record the basics of the conversation, in case I'm made out as some kind of drooling/ranting iPod hater or anything :-)

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