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Dear Ronald D. Moore...

I am a total Battlestar Galactica junkie. Fell in love with the previews of the miniseries, and have been watching every episode since. Absolutely great stuff - some of the best scifi on tv. I love that it avoids the formulas as much as possible, and doesn't treat the audience like lobotomized droolbots that need constant spoonfeeding. It seems like, by and large, each episode is better than the last - and that's hard to do for 1 season, let alone 2.

The podcast by Ronald D. Moore is also a stroke of genius - giving us the "director's commentary" (ok, the executive producer / developer's commentary) in almost realtime. Brilliant.

However, I would really like it if either Ronald or someone from (whoever does the post production on the podcasts) would please turn down the volume on the commercial-break BEEEEEEP. If I'm listening on my iPod while commuting, I have already turned up the volume pretty high because the level of Ronald's voice recording is rather low, and I need to hear over traffic noise etc... So, Ron (hey, if I let you into my iPod, I get to call you Ron) is talking about the episode, and how wonderful the actors are, yadda yadda. Then, after a second-long pause in speech, there's the three-second-sonic-lobotomy. BEEEEEEEEEEP. No real warning. Just a HUGE spike in volume, turning my brain to mush for three seconds. I can dive for the pause button, the neurons controlling my finger don't respond when I've been hit by the commercial-tone-stun-ray. By the time I've struggled my way to the volume controls, the lobotomy is over, and I start to recover just as the commentary kicks in again. Too late, again.

Other than that, I am so totally addicted to the podcasts that I keep listening - learning to brace myself when I think a commercial might be coming up. Gritting my teeth really tight seems to make it hurt less. I think the other people on the bus think I'm fighting the urge to obey voices in my head or something, though... I suddenly tense up, pupils dilate, breath stops short... What? Kill them all? No. The noise will stop. Aaaaaah. There it goes...

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